Dr. Simpson focused his professional career on monetary policy and financial markets. He has authored numerous books and publications.

Financial Markets, Banking, and Monetary Policy

In this in-depth resource, Thomas D. Simpson―a former official with the Federal Reserve System―introduces a new approach to both monetary policy and the overall financial system. Financial Markets, Banking, and Monetary Policy highlights the role of each major financial market and institution and shows how they’ve become a part of the overall financial system. The book also describes the important features of central banks―along with their responsibility for achieving specific macroeconomic objectives―and reveals how they pursue goals for inflation, employment, and the economy. While highlighting the United States system, Simpson’s comprehensive view of banking and monetary policy is equally applicable to the financial systems and economies of other developed nations.

Second Edition. Publishing July 2020

Capitalism Versus Socialism: What Does the Bible Have to Say?

This book is written for all persons interested in the issue of capitalism versus socialism and wanting an authoritative and even-handed treatment of the topic. It’s written for an audience having no background in economics. It’s especially of value to parents who want their children to be well informed on this critical issue.

Published May, 2020

Financial Markets, Banking, and Monetary Policy

First Edition. Published 2014

Money, Banking, and Economic Analysis

Published January 1987