The current COVID-19 crisis is causing great distress for many people. Unfortunately, small business owners who sell “non-essential” items, people who work for small business that sell “non-essential” items, and people who work for larger businesses that just can’t operate in a shut down climate, are really hurting. No work and no income. But for others, it is a very busy time.

Dr. Thomas D. Simpson is a university professor who is working hard to serve his students in an on-line versus in-person environment. In addition, it has given him some extra time (not driving to and from work) to complete two books he is writing. Adding to his collection of books already published, he is working on a revision of his 2014 text book, working with a new publisher Kendall Hunt. He has completed for final publishing a book about capitalism, socialism, and the Bible, so that one is coming soon. Busy man. Life is not that different in the Simpson household.