Is the field of economics in a different sphere from the Bible? For a good part of my professional life, I treated them as such. I found the tools of economics to be extremely useful for addressing the policy problems through which I was working. And I marveled at how well a decentralized, market-based (capitalist) economic system functioned. However, I approached my Bible study as a separate compartment of my life. But, fortunately, I have since come to appreciate that they are closely related.

The economy is an ecosystem just as the natural order is an intricate eco-system. Economists use the concept of general equilibrium (the actions of one economic unit affects others) to characterize the workings of a market economy. The principle helps us understand how seemingly diverse and fragmented human interaction in the marketplace actually is coordinated in ways of which the participants are unaware. Moreover, the outcome typically is better than what is feasible in any other economic system.

Just as is in the natural realm, this is evidence of an Intelligent Designer. Individuals, including individual businesses, pursuing their self-interest are acting in ways that benefit the public interest. Adam Smith referred to this process as the working of the Invisible Hand nearly 250 years ago. Indeed, the workings of our economy are linked to what we can learn from the Bible.

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